Our Workshop and Staff

George’s Bike Shop has an enormous work shop where our 4 trained cycle mechanics who have been working with bikes since school can service your bike and get it back on the road. (A couple of us have been working on bikes for over 40 years and have competed in multiple bike events across many different disciplines.)

We’ve got a vast array of specialist tools to handle ANY job, from the smallest jewelers screw driver to a metal lathe. We can maintain and repair all forks, shocks, hydraulic brakes and electronic gear systems, just about anything related to bikes (and scooters).

Our Service Plans

We offer 3 tiers of servicing to suit your budget and requirements:



If your bike is already in good shape but needs a touch-up before a race or event, then this safety check and tighten-up is all you need.

Service includes:

  • Check and tighten ALL bolts

  • Adjust brake pads & tighten brake cables

  • Adjust gears & check drivetrain wear

  • All cables lubricated

  • Lubricate chain with Pro-chain lubricant

  • Check spokes and true minor buckles (wheel stays on the bike)

  • Headset checked & frame wiped down

  • Tyres inflated

  • Written report if anything else is found requiring attention at a later date



If you ride to school or work, it pays to have your bike looked at by our mechanics semi-regularly.

Service includes:

  • Bronze Service, plus

  • Chain and cassette removed and cleaned

  • Wheel is removed and trued

  • Brake surface is cleaned

  • Cranks, front and rear derailleurs removed and degreased

  • Bike frame cleaned

  • Brake pads deglazed

  • Three standard part/accessory installations at no extra charge



Recommended every 18 months, your bike will be cleaned, adjusted professionally and ready to go!

Service includes:

  • Silver Service, plus

  • Bike stripped to bare frame

  • All parts degreased, cleaned and lubricated

  • Hubs will have new bearings installed and greased

  • Headset will have new bearings installed and greased

  • Bottom bracket overhauled

  • Road bikes can have new bar tape at discounted price and free fitting

  • Mountain bikes will have the brakes bled with rotors cleaned and straightened

Request a Booking

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We currently have a wait time of 1 week, however please book in and we’ll endeavour to service your bike or scooter ASAP.